Thursday, May 26, 2016


I've realized that some of the most amazing people that are currently in my life where unexpected and beautiful blessings in my life.  I truly believe that people are placed in your life for a reason; some stay and some leave.  Regardless they are there for a reason and I have learnt something from all of them.

That said, when I started this journey in the surrogacy world I became friends with the sweetest woman who was struggling to get pregnant.  We became very close and I consider her to be one of my very best friends.  I hurt for her each month that she didn't become pregnant.  It hurt to watch her struggle when I was getting pregnant for another family.  Then when I got pregnant with TJ she told me how her husband and herself were going through the process to start IVF.  I was so excited for them and gave them lots of tips and referred them to my favorite RE.  They were soon to be starting the egg retrieval in the next month or so and then IVF to get pregnant with their little nugget.  I was so excited to be following them during this and to hear about the process from a different perspective.  I was mostly anxious for this to work for them since they've been waiting and TTC for a very long time.

This week though my sweet friend text me some of the MOST amazing news ever; she is PREGNANT!!  I am so excited for her as if it were myself expecting!  With the diagnosis they received and them trying for literally 7 years straight this is the miracle they have been awaiting.  She is not very far along but I am praying so hard that this little baby stays and they get to raise her on Earth in their family.  Yes, I'm voting it is a girl!  God is great and works in the most miraculous ways!

Monday, May 16, 2016


Towards the end of TJ's birth I kept telling myself and others that I wanted a break before I got pregnant ever again.  I think due to it being the end of the pregnancy and just general uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms I said no more for a few years.  Boy, what a few months will do to you...

Then I had TJ and have had the best post birth relationship with his family and I got the itch.  Then I had a friend mention a couple and then another friend mentioned another couple.  Then I asked TJ's parents what they thought their timeline was so I knew if I should pursue an agency or one of these other couples.  I wish I could say they were ready to go again but like any sane mom and dad they want to wait a little bit.  Plus mom says TJ is the best baby and so sweet!  I am bummed about that but I told them that whenever they are ready I am always ready.  I want to carry a cute little sister or brother for TJ that he can play with and protect.

So I've been looking again.  I know this may be crazy but I love, love helping these sweet couples and I love the birth stories so much!  The whole process of seeing these parents light up during their darkest hour is the highlight.  The excitement in their voice when you call to tell them that it worked and baby is on board and they are going to be mommy and daddy now.  Seeing their faces when they hear the heart beat for the first time.  Or when they find out the gender for the first time.  To reach the point in the pregnancy where they finally take a breath of relief that everything is going to be okay now.  Honestly the best part for me is the birth.  I could birth babies all day and everyday to see the looks on their faces.  Those moments are forever engraved in my mind.

I'm not in a huge rush to transfer, I'm thinking someone who wants to start next year sometime so I'm at least a year past TJ's birth.  Long enough for my hair to stop falling out. :)

On a side note TJ is probably the cutest little guy and my daughter and I are extremely blessed to be welcomed into his family and get to watch him grow up.