Friday, December 4, 2015

We jinxed it!

The IPs have all of their family out of town and they were planning on going to home for Thanksgiving.  I was maybe a tiny bit nervous but felt comfortable since I was only about 32.5 weeks along when they were flying out.  Before they left Ms. J and I joked about how they would leave and that something would end up happening.  Little did we know that something would be happening.

I had a cold for about 3 weeks by the time they flew out to visit family and just hadn't been feeling so great!  I went to the chiropractor the day they left and was under the weather but was managing life for the most part.  I picked up my daughter and the thought of dealing with dinner and bed seemed like a nightmare with how I was feeling.  I had texted a couple surrogate friends and they said I should go in and ask for an IV to see if that would help.  Even though I was still drinking fluids it just didn't seem like it was enough.

I called my daughter's dad and had him come take her for the night.  I felt good enough to drive but did notice that I had kind of painful Braxton hicks when I headed to the hospital.  I figured that with this being my 3rd pregnancy that it wasn't anything special.  When I arrived at the hospital Ms. J texted me saying they had landed so I called her with the news that I was at the hospital.  She was all ready to get back on a flight back to Utah just in case.  I told her to hold off until we knew for sure what they were going to do or say.  I go up to Labor and Delivery and they get me all hooked up and lo and behold those BH were actually contractions and not getting any  better.  They seemed to be gradually getting more intense and closer together.

This little guy was moving like crazy the entire time they were monitoring me which was a good sign and so reassuring during this.  While I was in L&D they did an Fetal Fibernectin test (FFN) on me which basically gives you an idea if you will deliver in the next 2 weeks.  They gave me fluids which helped a ton!  Since the contractions weren't really letting up they decided to give me a shot to stop the contractions or at least slow them down.  They checked me and everything was still closed tight and no sign of a progressed cervix, thankfully!

The family was already planning on staying at a hotel that was close to the airport so if needs be Ms. J could have hopped back on a plane.  She didn't need to thankfully since I am very much pregnant still.  It was comforting to know that she would have done so if needs be.

I went the OB office the next day and saw the on call OB and he checked my cervix just to be sure nothing happened over night.  Still nothing was happening there!!  I have basically had contractions and Braxton Hicks every single day since this and just have to deal with it.  I was given a prescription to stop contractions if they get bad again but with being almost 35 weeks my OB said we probably wouldn't stop them at this point.  I have just been taking it easy and not doing anything out of the norm.

Let us hope he stays put til the beginning of January, at least!

Huge update

First and foremost, I have to tell you what this little snowflake is since I was keeping it a surprise!  The IPs will be welcoming the cutest little BOY in the next month or so!!  They are so excited and getting things ready for his upcoming arrival!

Since I last posted I had talked about my thyroid being a bit crazy.  That ended up taking care of itself once I got further into the pregnancy.  It is apparently very normal when pregnant for some of your hormones to go whacko, my thyroid happened to be one of those things.  After that it was pretty much smooth sailing and no other scares came up.  I had my glucose test the middle of October and that came back normal and great!  Yay for being able to eat like I normally would and not having any food restrictions.

I hired a doula for this delivery and LOVE her!! :)  Since I won't have my mom at the birth and I am not sure if certain people I've asked to be there will be able to make it I opted for a doula.  I will need an advocate for me and someone to be there for me when this sweet boy is with his parents!  Ms. J and I have met with her and told her our wishes and things we are hoping to happen during the birth!

The beginning of November we had a 3D ultrasound and let me just say this little boy is the cutest thing ever.  He has the sweetest little face; chubby cheeks, perfect lips and LOTS of hair.  Yes, we could see a head full of hair.  It makes me feel better knowing that the insane heart burn I've been having is paying off.

I started taking a hypnobabies class the past few weeks and have really enjoyed the class.  Ms. J has come with me several times and we will make a good team getting this little guy here!  I just need to keep listening to my tracks and practicing my breathing.  I am excited and maybe a bit nervous about this birth since this will be the first unmedicated birth I've had.  The unknown can be a bit scary and not knowing what to really expect freaks me out.

I've been seeing a chiropractor since I was about 16 weeks which has literally been heaven sent.  The further along I get the more I feel like I need an adjustment.  I also just recently started going to get a massage every other week to help with the extra back pain.  I can't tell you how amazing it is to lay on my tummy for the chiropractor and the massage.  To have the extra weight not pull on the middle of my back and feel a tiny bit weightless is amazing!  I joke that I'm going to have to steal the belly thing they have me lay on during these.

I can't believe we are almost at the end of this pregnancy.  It really has flown by and been amazing!  I couldn't have picked a better couple to be part of this journey with.  They truly are amazing and some of my very best friends! :)  We root each other on and encourage each other through all of this.  I love that they have involved me in this process and let me be part of things that they didn't necessarily have to involve me in.  Love them!

34 weeks along already

I have been so behind in keeping up with this journey and now that we are nearing the end I figured I should give an update.  For now I figured I would give a look into this pregnancy via pictures.  This little one is growing like crazy!!