Monday, June 8, 2015

Test results

I had mentioned that I had some blood work done at my initial OB appointment on the 1st.  Well I got the results back and everything was good except for my TSH levels weren't were they should be.  We are keeping an eye on them and will be retesting to see if they have resolved.  J and I were a bit nervous about waiting til my 2nd trimester since thyroid levels can affect the baby and can cause problems.  That's what we get for reading Mr. WebMD.  My doctor was sweet enough to let us come in sooner to get them rechecked and is willing to let us recheck as many times as we need.

I've never had any issues with my levels coming back abnormal so it definitely through me off guard.  We checked these levels when we first started the process, through the fertility clinic and nothing was wrong.  Then I had them checked again in April when I was doing my life insurance policy stuff.  It just is weird and I am hoping it resolves.

The doctor said it is very normal for your thyroid to get out of whack once you get pregnant but it generally resolves and levels out.  If it does not we will be going to an endocrinologist at that point.  Please send prayers that it levels out and doesn't harm the baby at all. :)

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