Monday, June 8, 2015


This post may be all over the place, so please bare with me....

We went to our last ultrasound appointment at the fertility clinic on June 2nd.  Little snowflake was so cute and was moving around a little bit.  Looked like a little gummy bear, I was about 8w2d at that point.  It is so crazy to finally say we are graduated from the clinic and now this is considered just a normal pregnancy.

I am still taking my medication until the 14th but other than that I am good to go, no extra ultrasounds or appointments besides with our OB.  Speaking of our OB we went to her on the 1st and J was able to meet her at the appointment.  Was bummed T couldn't come but we have plenty more appointments to go to that the whole family will meet our amazing doctor.  I can't speak anymore highly of her.  She truly is amazing!

Our OB appointment was great.  We weighed me and I can say I've only gained 2 lbs so far since starting this whole process.  That is a feat since the medication usually add like 5-10 lbs. ha  Dr. L brought in the hand u/s machine and took a little look at my little buddy.  Babies hb was measuring about 180ish which is great news!  Measuring on track!!  I had some blood drawn and left a urine sample and then just needed to wait for those results.  I will post about those later.  We set up our next appointment which was a little tricky.  J&T live in Utah but all their family live in the South, it so happens they are going to be out of two a lot this Summer.  We scheduled our next appointment but only T can make it to that one, J and the kids are going to be out of town during it.  We will be skyping or facetiming with her.

I just have to send my praises to how grateful I am that everything has been going so smoothly with this process.  Besides being super nauseated 24/7 everything has been perfect!  I have been so nervous with every u/s that something bad was going to show up.  Nothing has gone wrong.  Baby is perfect and extremely strong.  The family is amazing and I love having them close and so involved.  This is going to be an amazing process, I mean it already has been.

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