Thursday, May 7, 2015


I figured I would share the good, the bad and the very ugly of this process.  A couple days ago I ended up having quite the rash near my injection site.  It was swollen, hot and super itchy.  I thought maybe it was just a weird knot but after some reassurance to go in I'm glad I did.

I had called the clinic who said to come in the morning to get it looked at, if it got worse or unbearable to go into the instacare.  I ended up going to the instacare and it was determined that I had cellulitis which meant it was infected.  It was still very swollen and miserable but they started me on a pregnancy safe antibiotic that night.  I seem to always wait til it is 9pm or later to go get my stuff checked out.  The instacare put dots around it to make sure it wasn't going out of the lines.

The next morning the clinic called and there was a misunderstanding on my part and I thought that since I went to the instacare that I was okay and didn't need to be seen.  They still wanted me to come in.  I made arrangements with work to leave.  Then I got a call that they wanted my family doctor or a dermatologist to look at it.  I thought it was best to see a dermatologist if possible since they specialize in skin.  By the morning it was exceeding the dots that were made last night.  That made me a bit nervous and I was hoping that it was just because the antibiotic wasn't completely in my system yet.

Finding a dermatologist that was open that day was becoming kind of difficult, most were booked til mid Summer.  I finally found an office that would see me that day, I didn't care who it was as long as we were seen that day.

I had text J saying that they wanted me to be seen and she immediately got ready and was at the fertility clinic before I even found coverage at work.  I was so glad she was coming with so that we could make sure all was well.  We had a good time waiting for our appointment too.

When we finally saw the doctor she immediately said it was definitely infected, made me feel better for going in the night before.  She also said that it looked like the antibiotic was working and that it was within the dots.  That was a relief since it was exceeding when I got to work.  She gave me a cortisone spray to use for the itching which was great.  She mentioned that if this happened again it could be more of a reaction to the oil so that is something we have to consider too.

I'm just glad to know that it wasn't a huge deal and we got it figured out quickly.  I am also grateful that I didn't need them to pull any liquid off or pack anything in the area.  The swelling has gone down considerably and it will hopefully clear up really soon.

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