Sunday, April 26, 2015

The suspense....

Needed some extra luck to help with the transfer!

This was after I took the Valium and look a little out of it.

Our "snowflake" is practically coming out of his shell completely.  This is what the doctor calls a hatching embryo.

Since our transfer wasn't until 4pm on Friday we had lots of plans to relax and just enjoy the day.  J picked me up from my place around 10am and we headed to get a mani/pedi.  We each picked a green color for some fertility luck.  After we headed to lunch with T at Olive Garden, MMM!  It was so cute to see T get excited during lunch as he was talking about the upcoming evening.  J had massages scheduled for us both after lunch to help us both relax.  I am so glad she thought of it, it was very needed.  I think we both fell asleep during our massages.  The clinic generally says to not wear any perfumes and etc during the transfer and so I had to do a wipe bath to get oils off of my body now.  By the time we were finished with our massages it was time to book it down to the clinic for our transfer.

They wanted us to arrive a half hour prior since I needed to take a Valium to relax completely.  I don't remember feeling so out of it last time once I took the Valium, this time was a whole other story.  By the time they called us back for the transfer I had to hold on to T's arm so I could even walk straight.  I felt very relaxed and so out of it!  J and T kept laughing at me since I was clearly drugged at this point.  I've also realized I get super giggly when I am this out of it.

The nurse came in and gave us information for follow-up and etc.  We waited a little bit and it was closer to 4:20 before the doctor came in.  She explained what she would be doing and we were all glued to the little ultrasound video.

It was amazing to watch this 5 day embryo be placed into my uterus and that hopefully a few days later we would find out if we were pregnant.  I sure hope this little one decides to stick around. :)

I ended up staying at J and T's house during the weekend which was perfect!  It was fun to play games with them and get to know them more.  J is an amazing cook and spoiled us all weekend.  I felt bad though since I was still really out of it and slept most of Saturday away.  Sunday we went to the movies, J and I saw Age of Adaline.  It made me think of how MaK and I went to the movies right before we got a positive test at home.

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