Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Tuesday morning I peed on the stick and anticipated it to be negative again since it was still too early.  To my surprise there was another line and this time it was darker than Monday's test.  I was really starting to freak out and do the happy dance.  I sent it to my surro friends again and we picked it apart to determine that there was indeed a second line starting.  I wanted to wait til it was darker to show J and T again just to avoid them getting discouraged.  J was texting me by 7 am though asking if I had tested yet, it is kind of hard to hold this huge news in too.  I sent her the picture and she said she could see it.  I told her I would test again later that night just to make sure it was getting darker.  I was technically only 3.50 days past transfer when we got this line, so super early to know.

Since I wasn't at work on Tuesday the soonest I could get my blood levels checked were on Wednesday to see what was going on.  I was thinking they would be about the same as my first journey and be maybe 15 or so.  They ended up being  at 26 on 4.50dpt.  I was pretty excited that we had some really good news here!  It worked and this little "snowflake" stuck around!!!

3 weeks and 2 days along

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