Friday, April 17, 2015

Egg Donor

I wanted to get the okay from my IM before I went announcing that they were using an egg donor.  I personally think it is amazing that there is a village to help this amazing family. :)

I won't lie though I was a bit nervous when she said they needed to use an ED, not because I am against them or think it is crazy by any means, I mean I'm carrying a baby for another family for Pete's sake.  No, I was nervous because usually it takes a LONG time to find the right fit and perfect ED.  J didn't waste anytime finding their girl at all.  They actually had 3 they were choosing from.  There biggest concern was finding someone who was healthy and didn't have a family history or personal history of illnesses and mental illnesses.

With that said, we had quite the crazy ride with the egg donor situation.  When we started this process we were planning on doing a fresh transfer, meaning that I'd need to sync up with the egg donor's cycle.  I was a bit nervous about the extra medication, Lupron that I would need to take.

The clinic was calling all 3 of the egg donor's to see where they were and if they were available.  The first ED was working with a couple already and was taken for the next couple of months.  The second one was working with a couple as well.  The third one wasn't returning phone calls yet.  My IM was so cool about it and said if they needed to choose more ED to choose from, no big deal.  A couple days later, I believe, the clinic called IM and said that they had an ED and it was actually the second choice.  Apparently she was basically to the point of her retrieval and the couple wanting her backed out at the last second.  Bad news for her but great news for us!  This also meant that we would need to change our protocol and have a frozen transfer instead of a fresh one.

They were able to fertilize 21 eggs and by the end of the process they ended up with 8 good little babies, one of which was textbook perfect!  They decided to do the PGD testing to ensure that they didn't have any issues as well, which also meant that we would get to know what the sex was of each baby.  So crazy!

After a week or two we found out that we finally had 6 all together that were perfect little snowflakes, they were frozen and waiting now.  3 of these babies are girls and 3 of them are boys.  I know what they are wanting to transfer first but I will keep you all in suspense for now.

On a side note, we are only going to transfer one little snowflake to prevent from purposely have me carrying twins.  If it splits then that is totally okay with me, I will just learn a whole new ball park of pregnancy symptoms.  I asked my daughter what she thought the baby would be and she said two boys. ha  She was spot on last time so we will see what happens.  Also a week or so ago, my IM said that IF was talking in his sleep and randomly started saying "twins."  I've been preparing myself for that possibility.

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