Friday, January 10, 2014

Labor & Delivery Scare

BP while I am sitting down
BP while I am standing (this is still lower than my normal)

I had a little bit of a scare the other night and ended up going to the Labor & Delivery at the hospital to get some monitoring done.  While I was at work I was just feeling really weird and off, I had been the past few days.  On this particular day though I would stand up and get light headed or dizzy, at one point I was even seeing spots.  I honestly had that feeling as though I was going to fall over and pass out.  The sensation would only last a very short time and then I would be fine and it was like it never happened.  Almost every time I would stand though I would get kind of dizzy.

I probably wouldn't have been such a worry wart about this except that I had taken a fall the day prior.  With the fall I landed on my knees really hard and the baby started moving shortly after so I knew he was okay.  Once I started seeing the spots and feeling dizzy I didn't want to chance something actually being wrong with him or with me.  I called the doctor on call from my OB office and he said I could always wait to go into the office the following day to get blood drawn or could go to Labor & Delivery.  I opted to head over to the hospital that night just to have peace of mind.  I didn't want to wait for results or worry about what possibly could be going on.

My best friend picked up my daughter and met me at the hospital and on the way over I had a billion things running through my mind of what could possibly be going on.  With my first pregnancy I had no issues or complications so this was all new to me and honestly not something I had really experienced before.

I got to the hospital and since I was 25 weeks along they started the pre-registration process for me since I have never been to this hospital before.  I answered some questions and then was sent to a monitoring room to see if I needed to be admitted or not.  I peed in a cup so they could check my urine and make sure that everything was good to go.  Once that was done they strapped on some monitors to check the babies heart rate and monitor him.  He of course was moving around like crazy as soon as the monitors were put on so it was difficult to get a good reading on him.  What little they did get the nurse said he sounded great!

When she took my blood pressure it was rather low compared to what my normal is, which is still on the lower end anyways.  My urine came back with a little trace of blood and so there could be a tiny possibility that I might have an infection but I didn't really have any signs for one.  I have had plenty to know what they are and just didn't feel like that was what this was.  My CBC came back great with no issues as well.  They said that I could possibly be getting dizzy from my blood pressure being low and then it dipping lower when I stand up.  I have noticed that it usually happens when I stand and probably is caused from that.  I will be seeing my OB next week so I can mention it to her and see what she says.

I am so grateful that there weren't any issues or complications and that it is possibly just my blood pressure being too low.  Baby looked great and overall I am doing great!  Need this little pea to hang out in there for a bit longer.

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