Thursday, December 26, 2013

IT'S A....

I went to work the morning of the ultrasound and as always picked up my daughter so we could all see the baby.  I truly feel that the more involved I let her be the more she will adjust and be okay with the end result, us not bringing a baby home.

Mrs. California flew in the morning of the ultrasound and thankfully the weather permitted and she made it alive and safely.  The day prior to her flying in they had literally shut down the airport for ice and snow on the runways.  It was beautiful the day she came in though!

We went straight down to the ultrasound and we were able to see this little pea.  He was moving like crazy and was making it difficult for the tech to get good readings on everything but she managed to get everything we needed.  When we first got to the ultrasound they were thinking it was just the gender reveal when it was actually the BIG anatomy scan.  Thankfully the tech just did the anatomy scan as well which also meant that Mrs. C was able to get a CD of the entire scan!

The tech took her time looking at everything and made sure to get lots of pictures of everything for the family and one or two for me!

So the big reveal of this little pea is that it is most DEFINITELY...

A BOY!!!!!

I wasn't sure if Mrs. California would find out what he was since she was going back and forth of whether they would find out or not.  I am so glad that she decided to find out because I was so worried that I would slip on what it was.

As soon as the tech put the wand on my belly you could instantly see his parts.  This baby is not shy at all and made it very clear and without a doubt that he was in fact a he!  They would have been fine with whatever God intended this baby to be but I could tell they were very excited that it was a boy!!

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