Saturday, November 23, 2013

18 weeks along-5 months along

I will have to post a picture when I have one.  I've been taking care of my daughter after her surgery so there hasn't been much getting ready around here.  There has been lots of pj wearing and moving watching though.

I can't believe that we are probably half way done with this journey and 18 weeks is the beginning of 5 months.  I delivered my daughter a week early so it very well could happen the same.  I am content going as long as possible though since I don't want to be induced.  I am cherishing ever second being pregnant since it is going by so quickly.

I have been having really bad case of heart burn and tums aren't really covering it anymore.  It is actually getting a little ridiculous.  I am avoiding a lot of foods that I know will trigger it and will make it worse.  It stinks because some of the foods I've been avoiding are the foods that I am craving. :(  Something I'll be bringing up to the doctor this Tuesday.

I only worked a month or so when I was pregnant with my daughter so this has been different this go around.  It didn't matter that I had insomnia and wouldn't be able to fall asleep since I didn't have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for work the next morning.  That has been a new adventure but it is going okay.  By the middle of the day if it is super slow I am dog tired and have even caught myself falling asleep at my desk.  Forget about coming home and wanting to cook dinner or get myself or the little one ready for bed at all.  Hopefully with this second trimester the energy level will start to pick up.

I have also been having some pain from my PIO injection site lately.  Just on the right hip area too.  I don't know if the feeling is trying to come back or what but it hurts so bad some days.  I thought the pain would stop after being done with shots but it has decided to continue on.  I am hoping it is just the feeling coming back completely since it is still a bit numb on that side.  It sure is painful though.

I just got to see my ex mother in law while she was passing through and I wish I knew what she was thinking.  She kept staring at my belly but wouldn't say a word to me.  I'm sure my ex has told some crazy story about why I am pregnant.  I will never know though because she will probably never bring it up.  I would much rather enlighten her and anyone about this amazing experience then them be confused or told something not completely true.

Weight Gain: I'll let ya know after my appointment on Tuesday since I don't have anything at my house to weigh myself.

Cravings: Sprite with vanilla extract still, sweet potatoes, I really would love anything Mexican or all you can eat at Tucanos!  YUM!  So basically meat is still a huge craving of mine.  Also, pineapple, cold cereal, ice cream, smothered delicious burritos, and ice cold water.  I will say I have had quite a few salads that were absolutely amazing!

Symptoms: Heart burn, Braxton hicks, some insomnia (my least favorite when I have work super early), tossing and turning at night (my whale pillow is a must now), some leaking of colostrum I believe (yes so fun! ha) with that comes extremely tender boobs, and clothes do NOT fit anymore so I have resorted to maternity pants now.  I have been feeling the baby move quite a bit this past week.  I swear if someone were to put their hand on my belly and concentrated they might be able to feel it too.  My daughter has tried to feel but she is too impatient to wait for it.  I think in a couple of weeks other people will be able to feel it moving around in there.

Their baby's the size of a sweet potato!
He's/She's about 5.6 inches long and about 6.7 ounces now and he/she keeps on growing rapidly. (That's why I'm probably feeling so hungry.)

Their baby at 18 weeks
  • Can you believe he's/she's yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing?
  • And he's/she's twisting, rolling, punching and kicking, too -- and he's/she's big enough now that I'm able to feel him/her doing it!

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