Thursday, October 10, 2013

Almost 12 weeks...

Weight Gain: 8 lbs. of  pure fluff and maybe a little bit of baby

Cravings: Eggs, French toast with cream and yummy syrup, orange juice, cheese burgers with bacon, oh and bacon and more bacon!  Anything that has meat in it really.  Nothing has really changed with food other then maybe I've indulged a few hot dogs covered in chili here and there.

Aversions: A few smells make me super nauseated still.  I am slowly eating all foods that I normally would.  I was even able to drink a green smoothie again which was amazingly yummy!!

Symptoms: Nausea is easing up a little bit.  Still have bouts of feeling sick but not as bad.  My belly and boobs itch like crazy town.  I have a noticeable baby bump now and hopefully my boobs are growing. ha  Still extremely exhausted but hopefully with the 2nd trimester coming up that will ease up as well.

What miss: I miss not feeling like a giant whale.  I know I'm not the big yet but for some reason I feel huge.  I already have a difficult time breathing sometimes.  Now to add tossing and turning at night.

I do have a video of the baby but for some reason it won't upload it.  I will keep trying.  It was so cute and moving around a little bit.

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