Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Ultrasound

I flew into California on Saturday morning; we decided it would be easier to have me there.  We planned to have our first ultrasound this Sunday to see the baby and the heartbeat.  The entire family would be there to witness this little miracle growing inside me!  I was a bit sad that my daughter wasn't able to be there too since she's been my biggest fan through all this.

I was so tired from the week that when we got to their house on Saturday I literally slept til dinner time.  The pregnancy exhaustion has kicked it up and been a constant friend from sun up til sun down.  I felt a little bad since it seems I have slept the entire stay the last two times I came to visit.

On Sunday we were getting ready and for some reason I thought just the Mr & Mrs were coming.  I don't know why I didn't think the little kidlets would be there to.  That was really neat to have everyone there and to get excited.  Ms. Diva was constantly asking to touch my belly and would proceed to poke it instead. :)

When we got to the clinic is was overflowing with patients waiting to be seen.  It was probably the most full we have ever seen it thus far.  The wait was to a minimum thank goodness and we were called back quickly.  I got ready in the room and then Mr&Mrs came in.  They were going to have the kids come in right away but the doctor talked them into waiting to make sure everything was going good.  Once we saw the heartbeat we had the kids come in to see the little pea.  I was measuring exactly 7 weeks on Sunday and my due date is April 26th!

The cute little pea just hanging out!!

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