Monday, August 5, 2013

Ultrasound galore

Today was the last ultrasound to check and see what my lining was doing and I was so hopeful that it was being good and extra fluffy!  I had to take my daughter with me to this appointment but there were other people in the waiting room with their kids so I didn't feel completely like a douche for bringing my child to an infertility office, just slightly like one.

As I was being called back one of my fellow surro-sisters from my Utah group came in with her IP's, they would be hearing the heartbeats that day!  So excited for them and their journey!!

I go back and kindly remind them that I have a latex allergy and would like to avoid fire crotch once again; not fun at all when that happens I will attest to that.  They put me in the room and my daughter gawks at me and asks a few questions prior to them coming in as I lay half covered with this paper thin sheet to protect my daughter from seeing what is going on.  Luckily she was preoccupied with the games on my phone to pay attention to the situation.

The doctor is checking things out and he says he couldn't get a very clear reading and ALL of his readings were smaller then just last week, I'm talking an entire 1mm smaller then last week.  I was freaking out since this was going to determine whether we left for the transfer or if we postponed it or if we cancelled the cycle completely.  He took 6 different measurements and at different angles and things weren't looking too great.  When he was done I told him to check one more time and that was the best measurement we had the entire time but was still smaller then last week but a couple points.  I was beyond discouraged and wondered how the hell my lining could go down since I had not bled at all!!

I went to my car and immediately called Mrs. California and told her about what happened and she said we needed to schedule another ultrasound for later that day.  We were both really nervous about how it was all going to work out with the lining not being consistent and worried that we'd be rescheduling the transfer.

The hours literally dragged on before we got a call from Mrs. California's fertility clinic saying that everything looked good and we would be moving forward with the transfer on the 10th.  We are all so relieved that everything worked out and we wouldn't have to post pone or cancel the cycle.  It was a very emotional day for all of us though and so glad that it worked out!!

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