Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Travel time!!!!!

Wednesday we had a plane to catch at 7:30 am and I had set my alarm a couple of times since I am known to hit snooze way too many times.  We would have been on time and not had any craziness going on if I had planned on parking my car at the airport but my ex was taking us and it was 20 minutes just to his house.  Luckily I had packed everything the night before but that meant that I was up til 2 am getting things cleaned and lined up before and I was exhausted!

We barely made our flight, we were totally like on the movies and we were RUNNING through the airport trying to catch our flight!  As we got closer to our gate the lady at the gate said are you so and so and she had a ticket printed for us.  We literally BARELY made that flight.  We were told there our luggage my not make it this flight but would be on the next flight.

The flight was great and it was nice to sit and relax after the chaos of the morning.  My daughter has flown a few times and has never been scared which has been nice since I get nervous flying but this time she was really scared of how high we were.  She normally will sit by the window and look at the clouds we fly through or the little tiny ant cars on the ground til she can't see them anymore.  This time she refused to sit by the window and then needed to hold my hand which was totally fine by me!!  She did really enjoy when we landed though and we zoomed to a stop and it was like a race car.

Since I wasn't expecting to get my bags for another three hours from us landing I took my time.  We stopped and got some breakfast and some hot chocolate!  After an hour I went down to baggage to wait and I stopped to check if maybe my bags had made it by chance, they had!!!  We got in at 8:30 am and the next flight wasn't supposed to get in til 12:30 so that was nice to not worry about waiting for hours and we could just be done there and leave.

It was so nice seeing Mrs. California and the kidlets when they pulled up!  We decided to go to Hollywood and check out the stars and to the theater to see the hand prints.  That was really fun for me but probably not so fun for the kids.  I'll have to come another trip and do the tourist thing with just the adults!  We got ice cream for lunch, yes so nutritious!  The kidlets asked the next couple days for ice cream during lunch or dinner!  You are welcome! ;)

We went to this really neat candy store called Sweets that  I think I will have to visit again next trip!

The rest of the day we just kind of hung out at home and relaxed.  We are planning on going to the beach tomorrow which we are excited for!!!

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