Friday, August 23, 2013

Official Beta

Tuesday I have my levels checked per the fertility doctors orders this go around.  I was surprised at how much higher they were then what I thought they'd be.  We figured if it doubled like it should that they would about 80-90 on Tuesday and then double like normal.  They have this myth that if you are carrying twins that it will triple.  I have always felt like I would carry twins but when the "unofficial" beta came back and it only doubled I started to think there was just one pea in my pod!

Tuesday my level was a 143 and so I got a little shock by that.  Was NOT expecting that number.  Not getting my hopes though.  Then Thursday I had my second official beta check and it was at 426.  It had basically tripled.

Either this pea is really strong or there are two peas in my pod!!  We are having an ultrasound on September 7th or 8th and will know more then!

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