Saturday, August 10, 2013


This day has been awaited and planned for months and months now and it has finally arrived!!!!  As I got ready and was in the shower I was so overwhelmed and started to cry.  This was happening!  That sweet Spirit I have felt countless times was going to be and was going to thrive and be given a chance at life.  I literally could feel how excited they were to be given this chance.

We headed over to the fertility clinic and chatted for a bit while we waited.  Mrs. California and I were getting a little anxious for this to go down and then there was Mr. California.  He was a cool cucumber and just was so content.  On the way to the clinic I asked Mrs. C if she was going to cry since I probably would and she said she had already teared up a little.

When we started this journey we had always agreed to transfer 2 embryos and they had four frozen so I always thought that's what we would end up doing.  When we got there we found out that only 1 baby embie made it through the thaw.  We were a little sad about that but it was also a blessing in disguise.  They didn't want to have to make a difficult choice on what to do if they had any left over and this worked the first time.  God took over that part of the decision for everyone!! :)

They called us back and I changed in to my awesome gown and she told us the embryologist would be in soon to explain further instructions for after the procedure.  We waited and waited and the nurse finally came back and she ended up explaining our instruction for afterwards.  This was starting to get real!  It was about that time that I had taken the Valium and I am SO glad that I did.  I know some girls say the procedure is so simple and similar to a pap smear and to go sans the Valium.  Although the procedure was simple and quick once it actually it got started but the speculum just hanging out down town didn't really feel that great.

The doctor came in and IP's chatted a second and then we started the miracle making!!  I won't lie this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life aside from giving birth to my daughter.  I have had many spiritual experiences leading up to this decision and then to this point and this wasn't any different.  It was amazing and I started to tear up almost immediately!

They transferred one little embryo and then I had to wait on the table for 10 minutes and then I could FINALLY empty my VERY full bladder.  Whoever said that was necessary didn't have someone pushing on your bladder and someone in your business for 20 minutes.

It felt so surreal to realize that he just implanted a little start of a baby in my uterus and that I could possibly become pregnant if it was meant to be.  I was taking the meds correctly and doing what they wanted so now it was all in God's hands.  Now we just wait to start POAS!!!

 Valium was starting to kick in and I was feeling really awesome at this point!!
 We originally thought we were transferring both of these little beauties but we only transferred the top on which was a grade A+.  The bottom one didn't expand and wasn't thriving. :(
If you can tell, the little white dot in the center is where the little embie is starting to get snuggled in for a long 9 months!!

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