Thursday, August 15, 2013

Holy freaking YEAH!!!

Last night I took it easy and had a great night with my bugs a boo!  We went to the movie and enjoyed the movie theatre all to our self and got Smart Cookie!  So fun!!

Thursday morning I really wasn't going to POAS but I just thought why not.  I honestly thought it was going to be negative again.  I dipped it and set it on the top of the toilet and then continued to get ready for the day.  When I looked a few minutes later I was SHOCKED!!  I started screaming and jumping up and down!  It was a positive!!!  I was freaking out with excitement, it worked!!  It actually freaking worked and I was carrying for this amazing couple!

I am an hour ahead of my IPs and so I called them and probably startled my IM a bit.  Our conversation went something like this....

Mrs. California: Is everything okay?
Me: Yes, I am your 4th child calling to say good morning!!
Mrs. California: What??
Me: You are going to be a mommy again!

Seriously I wish I could have been in person when I told her but I could tell from her voice how excited she was and probably shocked that there last hope had worked!!  I called before her hubby left for work so they got to find out together that they were having another baby!  I talked to their youngest Ms. Diva and she is pretty excited to be a big sister, I don't know if she knows exactly what that entails yet. :)

Since I work at a lab I went ahead and had my blood drawn to just check to see if my numbers would double or not.  Those results for later!

Here is to having a little pea in my pod now!!

 Home test!!
 We drew my blood and took the serum from the draw and put it on to see if I'd get a positive from my blood already and sure enough it was a light line with in a minute!!

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