Monday, August 5, 2013


Since the ultrasound had me a bit shaken up I went down to Utah county and had a doctor I used to work for and asked him to give me a blessing!!

Him and his wife had spent 15 years dealing with infertility and trying to have a baby before it finally happened, so I knew that he would understand the panic and need for this to work for this family.

The blessing was amazing and I immediately felt calm and peace afterwards again.  I had felt peace and calm before the ultrasound and I had it again.

The blessing said:

The pregnancy would work out!
I would have mild discomfort which he felt like I would have morning sickness.
That I need to let go of the grudges I've been having a difficult time with family and some of the reactions I've received from then and other people I have talked to about this.
He healed my reproductive organs and specifically my uterus to have it do what it was suppose to.

This blessing was exactly what I needed and I just have to keep holding onto that throughout this journey!

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