Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beach day!

We got up a little early for our final, final ultrasound before the transfer and everything looked great!  We were all interested to see what my lining was since we didn't get a clear answer on Monday.  My lining was a 10mm which is a freaking rock star!!  From the supposed 6 or 7 on Monday to a 10 we were all a little excited about this!!  I felt like I had a royal uterus for how awesome it did! ha

After the ultrasound and getting things lined up for our big transfer on Saturday we went back home to get things ready for the beach!!  Mrs. Cali decided to leave Ms. Diva home which I was sad about but we will for sure have to go another time.  Ms. Diva was running a fever a little bit so we didn't want her to continue to get more sick if that was going on.

The beach was amazing and so much fun!  We went to a smaller beach which ended up being perfect!  We saw a few dolphins while we were there!  We played in the freezing cold water and we built sand castles and just enjoyed ourselves.  I really could be a beach bum, I love it so much!!

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