Saturday, July 13, 2013


Those who don't know when you are a gestational carrier you do IVF just as if it were your own embryos only you are using the couples.  We need to ensure that everything is just so and that my body doesn't discard or attack the embryos when they are transferred, hence the billion meds I will be taking.

I will be taking delestrogen every Friday and Monday til we transfer and possibly longer, haven't heard about it being longer yet.  I'll also be taking an antibiotic the first week of shots which is fine by me.  A week prior to transfer date I will start the Progesterone in Oil shots every single day.  I am probably the most nervous about these shots only because I've heard horror stories about them.  Everyone has described the PIO shot as thick peanut butter going in, so a little uncomfortable.  They have ordered crinone suppositories which is to substitute the PIO shots once we get a positive beta but I am not sure how I feel about the suppository.  I might request to just stay on the shots instead of doing the suppository.  We will see how badly my rear needs a break from shots.

I seriously did the happy dance and jumping up and down over getting this package, it was like Christmas Day only in July!

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