Saturday, July 20, 2013

First shot

I started my shots on Friday evening and was going to attempt to do it myself and quickly chickened out.  I called a friend to see if she could help me and she said her mom was home and would do it for me.  I drove the 20 minutes, yes I was too scared to do it myself and didn't want to explain to a neighbor (haven't told too many people) what it was for when I just wanted the shot and then to go home and to bed.

We got there and I had no idea what or how to do this and the directions weren't that great.  We ended up having to wait for my friend to get off of work to help me out.  She got there and found out we were putting the meds in the wrong syringe which could have been really bad.  I put the 18 Gauge needle on the syringe and put .2 in and then switch the needle out to the 25 gauge.  My clinic didn't want to spend the extra 50 cents per needle I guess and had originally sent me 22 gauge needles.  Not bad but unless they are going to have to attempt at some point to stick this in your behind, no thanks!  My friend gave me her extras which I greatly appreciate!!  What my instructions didn't really explain to me very well is that once I stick myself with the needle I need to pull back on the syringe to make sure I don't get any blood in the back flow.  Making sure I didn't accidentally hit a blood vessel, which wouldn't be a good thing to insert the meds into my blood.

My friends mom drew circles where I needed to put the needle and I really was going to attempt to do it myself and then felt better her helping guide my hand.  That helped and it really wasn't that bad but boy was a shaky and nervous about screwing it up.  She checked the back flow and then we inserted very, very slowly the medicine.  The medicine is super thick and so it took a little while for it to go completely in but it was good for a first time.  I think next time I will attempt to do it myself and just lay on my side like I've heard some other girls do.

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