Sunday, June 9, 2013

Signed and filed

What I thought would have taken a few weeks at most ended up taking a few months to get the contracts signed and notarized. In Utah the laws are a little more safe then most states, they have you jump through a few extra hoops. I think it is a good thing except when you are wanting to be pregnant months ago it stinks having to wait longer then anticipated. I honestly thought that we would have transferred their embies by at least by march and here it is June and we just barely filed them! Ha. My point is this process is a whole lot of hurry up and then wait!

I can proudly say that we have officially signed and notarized all documents and filed them to the courts!! I signed on June 4th and they were filed on the 5th.  On top of filing our contract and such we have sent paperwork to also waive a home study and hearing. Since mrs&mr California live in California if the judge says they need a home study it'll be another 6-8 weeks to get that finished.  If we need a hearing we are hoping that the judge is fine with them being present over the telephone. Save a trip here for maternity pictures or something else!

I haven't mentioned the best part yet...  We are the lucky candidates to get a new judge so we have no idea what way he might go.  I'm really hoping it turns out good, I'd still like to transfer on July 12! 6 weeks and counting!!

Here is to hoping for a quick response in our favor...

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