Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I wish so badly that I was typing to say that I all parties have signed all documents and they've been submitted to the courts, but they have not.  We are waiting on a few more things to be notarized and sent from California and then I will be able to sign.  I really am praying for that day to be sooner then later.

I am getting my hopes up big time and am not expecting to have a July 12th transfer anymore.  I just really, really needed a new happy on that day.  That was the day I was married and being divorced I just need something new to celebrate that day for.  The closer we get to transferring in the Fall the more my due date will be closer to Summer and I am honestly dreading that.

Please pray that the judge waives everything so that we can just start me on meds and still do the transfer then!!! :)

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