Thursday, May 16, 2013


When I first started this process and had talked to my IPs about things we both wanted in the contract I thought this will be a quick contract and then we will be able to move forward!  I honestly thought that we would have everything done and set to transfer their embryos in April.  Obviously April has come and gone and May is nearly over as well.  I think being naive and new to this part of it I just thought that it would be simple and although we really haven't disagreed with too much it just takes time to get the wording just right so that both parties are satisfied with the final document.

When it was taking, what seemed like a billion years, I was really getting discouraged and thought it would be December before we get this all taken care of and we can finally file the documents to the courts.  I know a little melodramatic!  I just seriously thought that it would have been done by now and that I would be half way through with the first trimester.

I can say that we are honestly done and now I can sign the documents and then we can submit everything to the courts to decide the next step.  We have had numerous bumps in the road to even get to this point.  Delays from both parties involved from trips and such and then trying to get a home study from the view of IM to submit to avoid having an actual home study which would prolong things about 2 months or more.

I had a lawyer go over all the documents and I feel comfortable and understand what every little part means or could possibly mean in the future.  I have chosen to not have a lawyer represent me at the actual hearing if we need one since I feel comfortable with everything and so my lawyer released me to their lawyer.  I finally got the call that their lawyer had the signed documents so I set up an appointment to go into his office and was so excited that it was finally happening!  I had a minor freak out about it actually happening.  I know that can be normal so I am okay and am okay now.  I have spent the last year or so of reaching this point and it is ACTUALLY happening, so I had a bit of a freak out!  The day I would be signing documents I am literally three blocks from lawyers office and he calls.  I knew it wasn't going to be good.  He tells me that he looked at the documents and they forgot to initial every single page.  All 39 pages needed to be initialed and an actual signature where needed.  He said I could still come in and sign what documents just needed my signature and that we'd have to wait for the newly signed and initialed contract.  Talk about a downer!!

It was nice to sign the few documents that I did and get them notarized, I have been saying for a month or so now that I was signing and one thing or another prevented us from signing them.  I was just a little bummed it wasn't all the paperwork and documents.

I talked with their lawyer and he said it was okay that it wasn't initialed and it needed to be resent since we were still waiting on the FIL's (father-in-laws) fingerprints.  He is living with them and it was taking a bit longer since he is much older and his prints are just worn and more difficult to get a scan.  Since we didn't have the fingerprints we still couldn't file to the court so it was not going to prolong anything which was nice to hear.

My IP's have signed and initialed every single page and we can now joke about it now that we are passed it.  They FedEx them and their lawyer should receive the signed documents and then I can go sign them!!!  I am hoping that Wednesday will be the big day!  They also have received the fingerprints back and all is good so once I sign we can file everything to the courts.

From that point we wait to hear what a judge says, whether we need a hearing or not or if they will waive this or that!  Please pray that our judge will waive everything and not need a hearing!

Til next time.....

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