Sunday, February 10, 2013

Meeting THE family

Thursday night I packed our bags and got our apartment cleaned up and ready for us to be gone for the weekend.  I had my daughter very excited to meet her new friends and was just ready to get there.  We got there kind of late Thursday night so we weren't able to do anything but go to bed, which was fine by me since I was exhausted.  My daughter was so good on the plane ride to LA and was so excited to go on the big plane!

The next morning we got ready for our early morning appointment at the fertility doctors office.  Mrs. California and I got to the office to find out that we were not put on the schedule at all.  We were fit into the schedule and luckily an egg donor was late to her appointment so it worked out.  Mrs. C and I get along so great and we chatted and laughed the entire time.  We honestly have the best relationship, it is open and honest.  I feel like we are best of friends!

The fertility clinic was amazing and so welcoming.  I did feel a little out of place being there since I wasn't being seen for the same reasons as most going to a fertility clinic.  Those sweet men and women, my heart definitely goes out to. We were finally called back and that is when we did more waiting.  I undressed half of me and Mrs. California thought she was going to have to wait outside.  I told her she needs to be apart of all of this.  I'm glad she was in there because I needed a hand to hold when the cramping started.  I had a Saline Infusion Sonohystogram done.  There was very, very mild cramping.  They gave me some medicine for the pain and an antibiotic after all was said and done.

I usually have cysts on my ovaries and when they were checking everything he said my uterus looked perfect and there weren't any cysts.  He was concerned that I would have scarring from when I had my IUD but I didn't.  We were cleared for me to get pregnant now!!

After they did the sonohystogram they said to slowly get up and that I could possibly end up dizzy.  Boy was that an understatement!  I was extremely dizzy afterwards and we spent close to a half hour waiting for me to not feel like the room was spinning when I sat up.  I almost, almost asked my IM to help me get dressed it was that bad but I managed to put my clothes back on without help.  We filled out some paperwork after and then we were on our way.

It was mid morning and so we were both starving, we headed over to Mimi's Cafe and had the best brunch ever!  If you have never eaten at Mimi's cafe for breakfast you should try it!  So yummy!

When we went home it was lunch time for the kids so we fed them and then I was more then excited to lay down and take a nap.  We were planning on going to gymnastics with them and when it came time for that my daughter was still sleeping and I was still exhausted so we stayed and slept longer.  It was a great to not worry about a time frame or being somewhere at a set time now that the doctors appointment was over.  We really just hung out and spent the rest of the day relaxing and just visiting.  We went to dinner and then Mr. California had to hurry home for his dinner.  He was a chef at one point and was teaching some of the guys in his ward how to make this amazing dish for their wives on Valentine's Day!

The day we left to head home we met up with my sister-in-law and the kids and had lunch before our flight home.  I am so glad that Mrs. California was able to meet these special people in my life and vice versa!  After lunch we had a little time to kill before our flight and stopped at the LA temple.  I have never been to that one before and it is gorgeous!  My daughter loved it and it was great to talk to her more about the temple and share with her how special it was.

Leaving was so difficult!  I really wanted to stay and get to know their family more and see how they spend there days.  I knew that I wanted to help them before I met them but after meeting I want them to have this sweet Spirit in their family even more.  I am grateful that they chose to work with me and allow me to be apart of this amazing journey with them!

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