Monday, January 21, 2013

Gratefully, happily, and excited!!!

It has obviously been forever since I have been on the GS (gestational carrier) front and there are plenty of reasons why.  Those don't really matter anymore except that I am back and in full force.  I took time to myself and even before, I knew this is something that I was destined to do and I know even more now that I need to do it.

Back in October I got a text from a fellow surro friend who wanted to know if I'd be interested in working with someone she knew.  At the time I was dating someone and was sucked into the "love bubble," not a bad thing to be sucked into I might add.  I kindly declined my friend because I wanted to get married and have my babies first.  One thing led to another and things did not work out with this person.  I learned so much from that experience and am forever grateful for it.  A month later I joined my sweet group of friends and a few were saying how a lawyer had a few IP's (intended parents) that were in search of their perfect carrier.  I felt like this was the perfect thing to get sucked into now.

This go around has been different for me though, I have not let myself get so consumed by everything surrogacy and babies like I had the first time.  I have chosen to be more private about this experience for the sake of not having bad repercussion from everyone like I had, had before.  I have to say it has been perfect besides the obvious "dating" stage of finding my perfect IP's and of course the waiting.  I am not super picky with my requirements but the two things that are the utmost importance to me are deal breakers for some couples.

I have talked to numerous IM's (intended mothers) and I have fell in love with so many of them but something always seemed to fall through.  I have even met sweet IM's who I would still work with today if they needed me but they just needed more time or had someone close to them willing to help.  Something just always seemed to be off when I was communicating or I knew right off the bat that it wasn't a good fit.  I still wish these couples the best and hope that their little baby is on it's way shortly!

I had been in communication with a lawyer who specializes in surrogacy law and he had two couples who were interested in my profile that I had submitted.  We had talked about a few important things and I was just waiting on them to reply.  This was all before Christmas break so I wasn't expecting a response from them before New Years.  I had gotten impatient as most of us do because when we decide to do this we want to be pregnant RIGHT. THIS. SECOND.  Let me tell you that is not how this world works at all, you hurry up and then wait and wait some more.  I ended up going over to some ads and replied to a few, okay it was a lot.

I was a little nervous about going on the ads because there are crazy people out there sometimes and you never know what you are really going to get.  I read the first email I got back and she sounded so great!  We exchanged a few emails and we decided that we wanted to talk over the phone!  I tell you it is nothing short of the cute boy calling you because you are so nervous and are excitedly waiting for it.  Our phone call could not have gone any better!!  We just hit it off and it was like we were old friends catching up.  We both said we'd like to think things over and then get back to the other.  You don't want to just kiss the guy on the first date even though you really, really want to.  Believe me I was ready to tell them over the phone that I would love to work with them but you just can't jump the gun with the couple you are in love with!  Within an hour of us hanging up the phone though I got the best email ever from my IM.

This brings me to my amazing news!  I am matched with the sweetest couple out there!  I know probably every GS (gestational carrier) says that but I truly have found the perfect match for me.  I have not stopped doing the happy dance yet!!!! :D  Now the real fun begins people and we are one step closer to creating a family!!!

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Marcia said...

I'm impressed by how brave and strong you are. I don't even know if I want to have my own babies because I'm super afraid and you are there, helping others! Very thoughtful and nice of you! Good luck and can't wait to follow you on this jorney!