Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's Time

I am so ready to start this process.  It has been rough and I haven't even really begun.  Hopefully I'll have more news on when I will be able to start this.  I have faced reality that things are just so out of my hands and in the Lords.  I will have to just rely on him and let it all happen when it is supposed to.  This song is awesome and I LOVE it!  I feel like it fits the mood I am in lately with this journey!


Doug and Bill said...

Very cool. Music is the soundrack of our lives,...and our soul. Loved the video. Thanks for posting. GOOD LUCK and keep the faith.

Chantel said...

I really like this song! I totally get why it feels like your anthem right now. :) It'll happe soon enough! When you look back it'll feel like it all flew by even though it feels like it's dragging now!

Marcia said...

I found this blog of yours by accident and read the posts. I already knew you wanted it from your fb updates. I personally think there's no problem at all in doing this. I think you're brave. The only little problems I really see are some pounds which will come your way :) I also don't agree when you say your family or faith/church would accept or not because if we think rationally, is it bad? No! So? I'm always following my heart and pondering if I am hurting GOD instead of praising people/church.. I'm glad you're an open minded person. Good luck! You're different and special. You make a difference!