Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Race for the Cure

Okay, my amazing surrogate ladies have decided to start a team for a Race for the Cure on May 12 at 8am.  I am asking anyone who follows my blog to please join and come for the fun run/walk or to donate to the cause.

I don't know about you but I have had too many people in my life who have dealt with cancer .PERIOD.  When I think of breast cancer I think of three beautiful women who have overcome, passed on, or who are in the process of fighting this disease.  Think of your mother, your child, your aunt, your best friend; there are so many women that can benefit from this cause.  I don't just think of breast cancer when I think of Race for the Cure although that is what this cause is specific for.  I think of my papa who fought a difficult fight to prostate cancer.  I think of my mom and the crohn's disease that she has and due to medicine she is on is very susceptible to getting cancer.  This is a cause that is very emotional for me and has been close to my  heart for over ten years.  If you are able to donate even a little bit it would help so much in the long run.  If you are in Salt Lake City on May 12 please join our team called Utah Surrogate Mothers and run with us!  Join HERE!

My sweet grandma found out last year that she had breast cancer.  She had it removed and is doing treatments now.  This is for her!
This is my sweet Great Aunt Genell.  She had breast cancer years ago, ended up getting a double mastectomy done and won her battle.  She recently passed away this year due to natural causes.  This is for her!
I have another Great Aunt Gloria who was so amazing and wonderful!  She always had a smile on her face and easily made you laugh or smile.  She lost her battle to breast cancer over 7 years ago.  The hardest thing was watching this amazing rock star slowly die.  This is for her!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's Time

I am so ready to start this process.  It has been rough and I haven't even really begun.  Hopefully I'll have more news on when I will be able to start this.  I have faced reality that things are just so out of my hands and in the Lords.  I will have to just rely on him and let it all happen when it is supposed to.  This song is awesome and I LOVE it!  I feel like it fits the mood I am in lately with this journey!


So I am starting to hear back from quite a few agencies and they have all turned me down for the fact that I was on medication for PPD.  I don't agree with this at all; they do not know why I personally had to get on medication for this.

Right after my daughter was born a little over three years ago I was doing great.  My mom was there to help me for about a month; once she left things got very difficult for me.  I was basically a single mother, even though I was married.  My husband at the time was working full time in the National Guard and worked very long and abnormal hours.  He had little do to with helping with our child or house.  At my six week check up with my OBGYN I was doing great it was after that that things were different.  I would say that I was depressed but so, so sleep deprived and with my sweet new born having her nights and days backwards I was a zombie and was still trying to figure out how to handle everything and the new responsibilities of being a mother by myself.  I was only medication for this for a few months and then I weaned myself off since I felt better and even though my husband still wasn't helping much I had a better handle and a routine that worked for miss muffet and I.

Are there any agencies that anyone knows of that will take me and still having used medication to help me feel a little less hormonal?  I wouldn't even say that I was depressed but just overwhelmed with the newness and not getting help.